Simon Waranch – Young Maestro


Simon Waranch

July 6 - September 21

Opening: July 13, 2019

Simon Waranch’s “Young Maestro” exhibition will be comprised of new works that merge meticulous technique and lively design into glass figurative pieces of art. What is revealed to the viewer are minimalist and abstract human forms that are elegant and sculptural.

In addition to the forms, the show will include colorful vessels, bowls and unusual shapes. Some works of art will be engraved with an unconventional pattern that elicits an original design element to each piece.
Through focused planning, experimentation and execution, the artist is dedicated to developing and refining his personal style.

About the Artist

Simon Waranch

Artist’s Bio:

Simon Waranch, an award-winning 20-year-old glassblower from Dallas, Texas, is emerging on the United States glass scene. Collectors, galleries and museums have taken notice, admiring the drive and passion Waranch reveals as he eagerly pursues his unique artistic style that combines a refined technical skill with ambitious one-of-a-kind creativity.

After graduating from the renowned Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Downtown Dallas, Waranch accepted a full scholarship to attend a prestigious art college in Detroit, Michigan, where he spends countless hours dedicated to experimentation with glass, pushing himself to improve while he seeks to find and create the works of art that define him. After appearing in numerous galleries and one-man shows over the last four years, he was honored to have his debut Museum show this past November at the acclaimed Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, entitled, “Glass Matters: The Emergence of Simon Waranch.”

The word “prodigy” is a term used to describe a young person who is extremely talented on a genius level. While Waranch enjoyed early success in a variety of artistic endeavors, it was during a trip to Murano, Italy, at the age of 15 where he was first introduced to glass blowing. And it was love at first sight. From that moment on, Waranch has been consumed with the ancient art form.

Waranch’s “Young Maestro” exhibition at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts is comprised of works that merge meticulous craftsmanship and lively design into glass figurative pieces of art he calls “Humans.” These colorful, unconventional pieces reveal a sculptural minimalist feeling that resembles graceful human forms in a simple, elegant way. The delicate “Cloud” series are heavenly and showcase an exquisite refinement that seems to calm the mind and rest the soul. The “Young Maestro” show includes colorful vessels, bowls and a variety of unusual shapes.

Simon Waranch has found his passion and life path and you are invited you to come along, experience this show and to be a part of his future.

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