60th Student Invitational

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60th Student Invitational

March 7 - May 9


This exhibition gives students an opportunity to display their artwork within the gallery and compete for top honors and prize money. In 2020, two hundred and seventy nine works from fourteen schools from the surrounding areas entered pieces in a variety of categories including computer graphics, drawing – black & white, drawing – color,  mixed media, painting, photography, pottery, print making and sculpture.


The Exhibit


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60th LMFA Student Invitational - 2020

Winner’s List

Juror: Emily Young Feazel, Curator, Norton Art Gallery

Computer Graphics

1st Place: “A Legos Daring Escape” – Gavin Dotten

2nd Place: “Alisa” – Jamonika Miller

3rd Place: “Batafurgai Kota” – Jordan Ford

Honorable Mention – “Voices Within” – I’yonia Mumphrey

Drawings – B&W

1st Place: “Brian” – Ariana Phelps

2nd Place: “Wander” – Destiny Mosley

3rd Place: “Patterns of the Mind” - Madison Downing

Honorable Mention: “Ink City” – Ian Sullens

Drawings – Color

1st Place: “Spooky Time” – Emily Bayles

2nd Place: “3 Krystals” – Krystal Lopez

3rd Place: “You’re Just Too Sweet” – Sana Al-Mayani

Honorable Mention: “Man of Many Colors” – Gracie Casey

Mixed Media

1st Place: “Royal Pain” –  Mercedes Estrada

2nd Place: “ Why Again” – Tristan Hicks

3rd Place: Torn Shoes” – Brandy Espinoza

Honorable Mention – “The Fool” -  Sarah Rectenwald


1st Place: “The King” – Tara Story

2nd Place: “Mom’s Kitchen” – David Guo

3rd Place: “Cold River” – David Cadena

Honorable Mention: “Crecimiento Continuo” – Hilary Espinoza


1st Place – “Art of Illusion” – Briana Dear

2nd Place – “Syrup Test Horse” – Sophia Reyes

3rd Place – “Scale of Man” – Brandy Gonzales

Honorable Mention: “Bones” – Olivia Guillory


1st Place: “Gingerbread House” – Destiny Veazey

2nd Place: “Garden Gazing Ball” – Margaret Langston

3rd Place: “ Cybertranian” – Jacqueline Neuman

Honorable Mention: “Two Roses” – Dylan Gonzalez

Print Making

1stPlace: “Please Choose! – Nicholas Vadasz

2nd Place: “Tiki Tiki” – Ryder Kanczk

3rd Place: “Peace and Joy – Trinity Patton

Honorable Mention: “Block Shark” – Owen Freeman


1st Place: “Time Waits for No One” – Mae Ingram

2nd Place: “Gone With the Wind” – Ella Pearson

3rd Place:  “Le Singe” – Palmer Mann

Honorable Mention: “Drip Squared” – Lexie Cannon

 LMFA Director’s Choice:

“Scraps of War” - Jack Brady

 LMFA Board President’s Choice

“To be determined” -

 Best in Show:

“The King” – Tara Story