FROM THE VAULT – Selections from the LMFA Permanent Collection

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December 8, 2020 - February 22, 2021

Opening: January 15, 2021

Longview Museum of Fine Arts – “FROM THE VAULT – Selections from the Permanent Collection.” Gallery spaces seek to highlight some of the diversity and creativity of the Museum’s art collection. We have grouped the collection in various ensembles to bring together artworks from different periods and geographic regions to compare how artists have responded to the world around them.  We have also chosen works to correspond with the winter season and to transition us into the January and February months that feature cultural diversity and honor black history and Martin Luther King.

From the subtle line drawings of Picasso, Chagal and Salvador Dali’s feminine forms to bold portraiture and sculpture of Texas artists including Longview’s Lee Cunningham and Charles Arnold, and Texas artists James Sullivan, Ed and Linda Blackburn, Cecil Touchon and Leamon Green.  Included also are landscapes by early Texas artists William Lester, Luis Eades, Bill Bristow, Dan Wingren that present striking juxtapositions of line, shape, and color. Take for instance, University of Texas art professor Luis Eades’s 1968, oil on canvas, painting titled “Matterhorn.” This lively geometric color study of baby blues, lemon yellow and grasshopper green makes a playful thought-provoking statement painting of this majestic mountain.

As you move from this space to the Barrow Cave gallery on your right take in the work of now deceased Louisiana artist Marc Rawls’s works. Influenced by primitive cultures and the work of Clyde Connell, his work was developed largely from his own imagination and contains birds, animals, hieroglyphics symbols and human figures. His paintings create a unifying theme of color and substance in the gallery as the works interweave and connect the art of black notable artists including Charles Criner, Leamon Green, Frank Frazier and Louisiana abstract expressionist female sculptor, Clyde Connell. Connell found national recognition at the age of 81 and influenced Rawls who he knew for many years before his passing. Notice the two totems created by Rawls installed like altar candles and a homage to Connell displayed on each side of Connell’s paper fabric quilt.

LMFA collects paintings, woodcuts, photography, works on paper, sculpture, lithographs, serigraphs, aboriginal art, and metalwork. The focus of the collection is centered on early contemporary Texas art from the 1930s – 1970s which includes many Dallas Nine and Fort Worth Circle artists.  However, the museum’s collecting philosophy makes room for consideration of all culturally and historically significant works from the 19th century to the present.


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