The Great Americans: Works by Jac Lahav


Jac Lahav

October 6 - December 15, 2018

Opening: October 6, 2018

“Jac Lahav’s monochromatic and stylistic layering of concepts and painting techniques is masterful.”
Tiffany Nolan Jehorek, Executive Director/Curator
The Great Americans: Works by Jac Lahav explores identity, history and pop culture in 29 full-length portraits. The series, which references a 2005 Discovery Channel show, “The Greatest American” asked US citizens to vote for the greatest American. Oprah Winfrey was voted into the Top Ten eliminating medical researcher and virologist, Jonas Salk, the discoverer and developer of one of the first successful polio vaccines.
Lahav combines the concept of celebrity and image consumption versus achievements and contributions. Does fame play a role in how history sees America’s historical figures? Does history do justice for the people portrayed in this exhibition? How do we reconcile the famous Americans’ celebrity status with their achievements? Lahav plays with notions of group identity, individual identity, personal biographies, factual biographies, how clothing reflects identity, fashion, and celebrity. All these ideas come together in this unique series.


The Exhibit