Sherry Giryotas: Seeking Place


Sherry Giryotas

Seeking Place

Opening: October 9, 2021

As Executive Director and Curator at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, I first had the pleasure of meeting Sherry Giryotas a couple of years ago while hosting an exhibit by her husband, Dallas sculptor Phillip Shore.
Upon speaking with her, I was immediately intrigued by Giryotas’ abstract art as she offers a unique perspective in her observances of the rural landscape. I am now pleased to have the opportunity to present her paintings and to host the exhibit, Sherry Giryotas: Seeking Place.

Giryotas’ paintings in Seeking Place were conceived over a period of about 10 years as she traveled between Texas and Michigan. The paintings serve as a reflection of her observances of the landscape, how it has evolved over time and how environmental factors have prompted such change. Her abstractions are landscapes of the mind, as she explains, “In the abstracted, internalized landscapes of my work, each painting helps to record the experience or sense of place and traces my passage through it. My observations of a constantly changing environment are referenced in the forms and nuances of light, a balancing of disorder with order through the complexity of pattern and mark making, drawing, and manipulating paint on the surface of the works make up the structure in my canvases.”

This exhibition, Sherry Giryotas: Seeking Place, serves as a prime opportunity not only to examine the creativity present in Giryotas’ art but also to reflect upon our natural environment and the changes that are constantly happening within it.

Exhibitions made possible in part by the City of Longview, the Cultural Activities Advisory Commission and LMFA members and sponsors.

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