Current Exhibitions

LMFA hosts nearly a dozen curated exhibitions per year featuring Texas artists and works from across the United States. In addition, LMFA has hosted an annual student invitational since 1960 which spotlights hundreds of young adult artists enrolled in high schools across the East Texas region.

Transformation in the Wild World of Mark Nesmith: A Retrospective

June 4 - September 24, 2022

Mark Nesmith's art is a testimony to the resilience of the creative spirit.

Throughout his career he has explored a multitude of themes, from the bayous, beaches, and woods he roamed as a child in Southeast Texas to whimsical critters addressing the superficiality of modern society and the artist's unease with mankind's relationship to nature. Underlying his work is a deep love for vibrant color and thick, textured surfaces. From diminutive paintings to large, expansive canvases, his expressive artworks combine observation, memory, and imagination.

Mark has continued his steadfast pursuits in paint through the hardships life throws at us all. Most recently the right-handed artist battled through back and shoulder surgeries affecting his dominant hand. Always moving forward, the artist took up the brush with his left hand creating abstracted images utilizing a grid not unlike Chuck Close and Paul Klee before him. Color and light are brought to the forefront in tapestry like forms that gradually resolve to images of the ocean or land.

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Ellie Taylor: A Lifetime of Painting

June 4, 2022 - January 7, 2023

Elinor(Ellie)Parham Taylor was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After teaching elementary school all over Texas for 33 years, she retired early because, she says, "When I grow up, I want to be an artist."

She studied art with Earline Barnes in El Paso, Texas for about 6 years. After retiring she went back to college to study under Jo Taylor and Dr. Ollie Theisen. Barnes drilled into her that art should make a statement, not tell a story. Less said the better, or keep it simple. Do not overstate. Van Gogh is her favorite master artist, and she admires the work and styles of Sergei Bongart and Fechin. "I have just this year, 2013, discovered the work of Tibor Nagy. Great art!"

Ellie agrees with the philosophy of William Wendt who said that his art becomes an "adoration sign devoted to the Trinity."
Ellie and her husband now live at Holly Lake Ranch north of Tyler. Her husband retired from the pastorate and is now Pastor Emeritus "I paint for the love of art and for the passion that my Lord has given me." Learn more about the artist's work here.