LMFA serves as a communal gathering place for visitors to engage in dialogue, expression, and learning about each other and the world around us. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces will significantly increase the square footage of the current museum, combining to create a space that fosters community and strengthens social bonds through historically relevant and culturally significant art, exhibitions, programs, and education.

As a founding member of the Texas Commission on the Art’s-designated cultural district, LMFA has a bold and far-reaching plan to become the cornerstone of the cultural arts district.

The preservation of Texas art and architecture is at the core of this project and has already begun to build excitement, both within the local community, as well as among the outside tourists and visitors who are following our journey through digital mediums such as Instagram.

The building features in the main lobby “The Great Lone Star,” a gold, aluminum, and stainless-steel wire sculpture by world-renowned artist Richard Lippold. A similar sculpture was installed at the Lincoln Center in New York City around the same time. The star was purchased by architect B.W. Crain, Jr. in 1957 for $15,000 and was recently conservatively appraised at $175,000; it will become a hallmark for LMFA and a calling card for Longview. The 70-foot mosaic counter designed by now deceased Houston artist; Herbert Mears appraised for $145,000. LMFA is grateful to the Roger Johnson Family for donating these two works of art to the museum.


To learn more and make a contribution, contact Tiffany Nolan Jehorek at 903-753-8103.


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