Ten Texas Tornados

September 7 – February 22, 2023

Langham’s non-traditional still-life photographs are as mysterious as they are beautiful. Langham said the images, which are all film, come from a time-consuming process of sketches, patience, mistakes, layers, more mistakes, more layers, more patience, but most importantly… his ideas. The idea of a tornado as a still life, of all things, came to him sometime around 2016, after experiencing a dust tornado in a field.

10 Texas Tornados is a compilation of feathers, leaves, candles, dice, etc. virtually rotating as a tornado through multiple layers of photography.

A Tyler, Texas native, Langham is a naturalist and environmentalist. Langham’s work is deeply rooted in a sense of place, reaching deep into the Texan psyche to explore the whimsy and endless possibilities and continue to inspire, within the imagination. Given the right perspective, even simple things found in a yard can be enough for a Langham art exhibit.

As a former assistant at the Ansel Adams studios in Yosemite, Langham has work in many museums across the US and has received the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in photography.