Natasha Raibon

Natasha is a Longview native, born and raised in Pine Tree. For the past 14 years, she has enjoyed teaching art in the public schools. Four years ago, Natasha returned to Longview excited to bring her passion for the arts and the community to teach at her Alma Mater, Pine Tree ISD. Natasha is an advocate for the arts participating as a presenter in local and state-level art education workshops to other educators. Natasha teaches 7th & 8th Grade Art at Pine Tree Junior High and Art I to 8th graders. Natasha believes having the arts as part of a child’s curriculum greatly enhances their problem-solving
skills and ability to be a 21st century learner. Natasha specializes in painting and ceramics. During her summers, she enjoys spending her spare time teaching these arts to children and adults in the local community. Natasha also enjoys spending time with her two daughters, staying active with yoga, aerobics, singing, and traveling.