Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson has the personal belief and passion for interpersonal positive relationships.  Her background as an educator and principal has provided Sue with the skills to advocate for personal needs of the people she meets in the business and personal sector.  Her husband, Jim Wilson, her children Shane and Will and their families are like minded in that they want to give more than they receive.  Sue is an advocate for education for all students and wants all to achieve the highest level of success, no matter their path, including the arts.  Now she is interested in the development of adults for literacy and the arts.  In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her place of worship, The Church at Lake Cherokee, and formally was an executive officer for the Cherokee Water Board for both the state and local boards for the Texas Association of Principals and Supervisors Association, loves to travel and is an avid reader.  She constantly looks for ways to give back to her community.